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6.4 What Is Controlled Traffic?

Click for larger imageThe paddock is divided into crop zones and wheel zones on a permanent basis. CTF can be carried out with any type of seeding system and is particularly suitable for ground that is regularly deep ripped. Machine and implement working widths are matched, eg the spray boom can be double or triple the width of the seeder. (Matching the harvest is not considered essential if soil conditions at harvest are dry.) Spacing of load bearing wheels on machines and implements is synchronised. Tines are removed behind the tractor wheels and seed and fertiliser diverted. 


  • Overlaps eliminated for all operations

  • Reduced inputs of fuel, etc 

  • Improved timeliness of operation 

  • Improved yields 

  • Reduced operator fatigue especially when spraying in poor light conditions 

  • Lower tractor power requirements 

  • Better rainfall infiltration 

  • Reduced reliance on foam markers 

  • Greater operating efficiency


6.4 What Is Controlled Traffic?

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