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Module 5, “Managing Soil Moisture", begins with an in-depth analysis of soils' water storage properties and their role in the retention and supply of nutrients to plants. (These units also form part of module 2, "Soil and Nutrition: Crops")


Unit 5.2 looks at what happens to rain on your paddocks and how to improve infiltration and evaporation.


Unit 5.3 answers the question "does summer weed control save water?" The answer? A qualified yes!


Plant Available Water (PAW) is the topic for discussion in units 5.4 and 5.5 while 5.6 suggests a practical way to discover if your soil sips, slumps or spills.


Unit 5.7 summaries a number of significant water facts and the last unit, 5.8, discusses how water and wind erosion can reduce soils productive potential.

5.1 Soil Water Holding Capacity
5.2 Storage of Water and Nutrients
5.3 Soil pH
5.4 Key Nutrients
5.5 What Happens to Rain On Your Paddocks?
5.6 Does summer weed control save soil water?
5.7 Calculating maximum plant available water of your rootzone
5.8 Increasing Plant Available Water
5.9 Does Your Soil Sip?
5.10 Soil Water Facts
5.11 Erosion Potential





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