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Unit 4.1 explains why life in the soil is so important,  how farming techniques have upset the original balance between soil biota and the native vegetative cover and how a new balance must be created.

VAMs are introduced in unit 4.3 and in unit 4.4, herbicides and their relationship with life in the soil are examined.

Unit 4.5 suggests ideas for developing disease suppressive soil are introduced and unit 4.6 examines the role of free nitrogen in the air.

Recent research and conclusions regarding soil disease suppressive soils in unit 4.7 brings the module to a conclusion.

4.1 Why Is Life in the Soil Important?
4.2 Biological Activity
4.3 VAM - the beneficial fungi that feed plants
4.4 Herbicides and Life in the Soil
4.5 In search of a recipe for disease suppressive soil
4.6 Free nitrogen from the air
4.7 Soil Disease and Suppressive Soils





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