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Fact Sheet 1- What happens to rainfall on your paddocks?
Fact Sheet 2- Does summer weed control save soil water?
Fact Sheet 3- Calculating maximum plant available water of your rootzone
Fact Sheet 4- Increasing Plant Available Water
Fact Sheet 5- Properties of a healthy soil
Fact Sheet 6- Root Facts
Fact Sheet 7- Soil Pit Checklist
Fact Sheet 8- Soil Water Facts

Fact Sheet 7: Soil Pit Checklist

Look at all these factors to help determine the correct management strategy for your soil. 


Soil tests can be found within each module. 

Water Holding Capacity 

  • Soil depth 

  • Soil texture 

  • Subsoil structure 

  • Rockiness

Barriers to Root Growth 


  • Rock 

  • Heavy Subsoil 

  • Plough Layers 


  • Toxic Elements 

  • Salinity 

  • pH

  • Pesticide Residues

Biological plant 

  • Pathogens

  • Insects 

Nutrient Status 

  • Macro, micro and trace

  • Cation exchange capacity 

  • pH 


  • Wind 

  • Water 


  • Over a range of moisture conditions 

  • Rockiness

Seedling Emergence 

  • Water repellence 

  • Hard setting and crusting


Fact Sheet 7: Soil Pit Checklist

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